About Nelson Hurst

Welcome to the Nelson Hurst website. I'm Nelson Hurst, an independent animator, software engineer and game developer which also is currently employed at Camber Corporation as a Senior Software Engineer since Jan 2006. This website features personal projects, such as art, animation, and mobile/desktop games. My blog is for developers and who are looking for a little insight and resources I find during the development of my projects.

I decided to no longer use "company/corporation" names to identify me or my work, simply because I am individual that handle 100% of the work - not a business with a team of people with financial backing. I truly preferred to be viewed as an individual not a company/studio.
All of my projects are funded by me, without the use of Kickstarter, Patreon, etc., creating animated shorts and developing video games is my passion and hobby, but my goal is to make this my full-time career with full creative freedom without a company/corporation funding or dictating what projects I can and cannot create. With the rise of so many successful indie game developers that goal is definitely possible.

As for the visitors that are wondering, yes I am the same guy that created ShockAnime and Genryu's Blade many years ago. I had plans for a sequel to Genryu’s Blade, but that will be on the back-burner until I have a story worth developing.

If you would like to support me, please download, play and rate my games. Tell your friends and family and share them on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

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Thanks for your support and for visiting.


Quick links to reach this website:
www.nelxon.com - redirects you to my games
www.forever2d.com - redirects you to my art and animation

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Disclaimer: Do not send any art/animation/game ideas because they will automatically become property of Nelson Hurst without any compensation or acknowledgement to you.